What is 'limping' in poker, why is itso common, and why should you avoid it?

What is ‘limping’ in poker, why is itso common, and why should you avoid it?

Poker is one of those games which everyone knows – even if you do not play it regularly.There is lots to like for those who enjoy playing this fun game. From the dramato the strategic gameplay, it has a lot to attract players.

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In addition to being found at the best internet casinos, this game is packed full of unique terminology. One term you may not have come across before is ‘limping.’ But what is it, why is it so common, and why should you give it a miss?

What is ‘limping’ in poker?

Don’t worry – this does not refer to how you move when enjoying online gambling! ‘Limping’ generally refers to only betting the minimum amount possible to stay in the hand at any point in the betting. ‘Limping’ in poker can also specifically refer to the action of calling on an unraised pot in the first round of betting. If you are the first player to do this pre-flop, it is known as an ‘open limp.’ If another player before you has done it, it is known as a ‘limp behind’ or ‘overlimp.’

Why is ‘limping’ so common in poker?

It is easy to see why this tactic is so common in poker – even if it is not always a good idea, as shown below. The main reason so many people do it is a fear of losing the hand and therefore losing any money they have put into the pot. This mindset makes people play cautiously and only to make the minimum bet needed to keep their potential losses smaller. ‘Limping’ may also be seen if players are unsure how good their hand is or how good the other players’ cards might have been.

Why should you avoid ‘limping’ in poker?

The main reason to avoid ‘limping’ is because of what it signals to other players in the game. Betting the minimum amount possible is seen as a weak move and one that is usually performed by less experienced players. It can put you at a disadvantage and signal to others that you are not confident in your hand. It can also show them you have not played a lot of poker before or that you might be an overly cautious player who can be taken out of a hand by aggressive betting.

‘Limping’ in poker – all you need to know

Hopefully, if you have heard this term before but never fully understood it, the above should help. While more experienced players can sometimes use it as a bluff-style tactic, it is generally best avoided for all but pro-level poker enthusiasts.